Love and Sympathy for a Dear Friend

Love and SympathyThree weeks ago I attended a memorial service held in tribute to a wonderful man who has left a legacy that touches countless people over his 88 years.  He was my neighbor these past 15 years.  We called him “Dr. B”.  When he moved next door, he had retired from Family Medicine which he so honorably served as a practitioner, a teacher, an author, an advisor and a consultant.  Over the past couple of years he had suffered several minor strokes which limited only his mobility.  Dr. B was aware that the last stroke was life threatening, and, with his loved ones surrounding him, he reached out to the faith that sustained him.

Love and SympathyAs should be the case, it is the family and friends that suffer the most loss.  I adore Mrs. B as much as I loved Dr. B.  She is the essence of a southern lady.  When I made my sympathy card for the family, I also made a keepsake box for Annalyne for any small remembrances she might want to add to it.  This keepsake box is not a first for this situation. I gave my father one when my Mom passed away, and another to a friend.  The very act of creating and decorating during times like this is very soothing to me.

There are so many vintage supplies in both the easel card and the keepsake box.  I used what I had in my stash that I thought would add a softness to the bittersweet emotions that I could only imagine the family was feeling.  All but one of the supplies are Stampin’ Up! products.  The one that is not was gifted to me by a friend… that is the lace surrounding the sides of the keepsake box.

Although the specific project details may be too numerous for me to itemize, please let me know if you have questions regarding any of the products.  I usually try to mention this during the retiring season… if there are SU products that you loved enough to make that purchase, don’t be so quick to get rid of them merely to obtain the new products.  The first Artisan Embellishment Kit was fantastic.  I am so glad I purchased extras for future!  And that is only one of many products that I have felt that way.

As papercrafters, we are given many reasons to gift from the heart….  I know that you have done so also!


Getting to know Dr. B …

6 thoughts on “Love and Sympathy for a Dear Friend

  1. Robbye

    Katy, first my sympathies on the loss of your neighbor who sounds as though he was a phenomenal person. I’m sure his family was deeply touched by your beautiful card. The keepsake box is stunning and I’m sure she loves it.

  2. Debbie

    These are “Katy Creations” at your very best! Say what you will, you are most inspiring to make gifts from the heart. There are no words really to express how lovely these two gifts are, which each would have been wonderful to give on their own merit. I would have loved to be with you when you created them because you have a true gift. Without knowing Dr. B’s family, I know that you gave them something to treasure during this difficult time.

  3. Donna Kopenski

    Katy, my sympathy for the loss of your friend and neighbor. The card and keepsake box are absolutely stunning. I’m sure his family will treasure both.

  4. Diana Jackins

    Katy, dear! These are absolutely gorgeous! You are such a sweet and thoughtful young lady! And so very talented!

    Debbie has said it much better than I can. You are a lovely and very thoughtful young lady. U you are a blessing to us all. So dorky to hear of the loss of your dear Dr B. What special neighbors you have had and what a dear you are to them. Blessings to you, dear! You continually amaze me with all of your beautiful works of art and thoughtfulness.
    One in a million, that is you, Dear!

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