Many Merry Stars Provide Alternative Boxes

Many Merry Stars

I have thoroughly enjoyed playing with my Many Merry Stars Simply Created Kit this past weekend while my sisters were visiting.  Denise brought her kit, but Debbie decided against traveling with hers.  Bringing the kit was not the issue… taking the star boxes home via airline was a different story!

The instructions advise to start with a medium size star, and I would have to concur. The tiny stars make you feel all thumbs and the larger stars could use a little practice.  The star on the far left was my first to assemble.  When it was finished, I decided to try another of the same size and add a baker twine hanger and an opening into the cavity so that it could hold treats or what-nots.

The most right star was the first attempt of a box that opened.  Then I worked on the two slightly larger stars.  The smallest star (embossed with gold images) has just the cording to hang onto the tree. The next size up has a star opening in the front to allow a shadow box effect.

As I was working on the “stars” to allow an opening, I realized steps should be taken in a specific order for easier assembly.  I am showing this in the following photos…

Many Merry Stars Many Merry Stars

Find the middle of the die cut side pieces and punch a hole in both sides.  Thread the bakers twine through the holes.  I opted to have my knot within the box cavity.

Many Merry Stars Many Merry Stars

Determine how large you wish the opening to be and cut using the appropriate size star framelit. Using a larger framelit, cut a background star, adhere both together and attach to the front box piece with a brad.

Many Merry Stars Many Merry Stars

Following the kit instructions, adhere the long side piece to the the star back piece.  I found it easier to start with the bottom in-point (this allows the bakers twine to be positioned at the top point), adhere every other sticky side the first time around the star and then remove the adhesive on the remaining sides.  Using your piercing tool to remove the paper strip makes this a snap!  You will find that each of the long side pieces have adhesive on both sides.  This allows you to decide which side you wish to have exposed.  However, is also shows the paper adhesive within the cavity.  To hide the adhesive strips, I made a template using the cardboard that comes with the kit (see above right picture), traced it onto the Festive Designer Kraft Paper Roll shown in the Holiday catalog, page 10, cut it out and placed it within the cavity.  The adhesive comes in handy to hold the paper template in place.

Many Merry Stars Many Merry Stars

Add the front panel and decorate as desired.

Many Merry Stars Many Merry Stars

Additional close up pictures of the star boxes completed thus far…

Many Merry StarsMany Merry StarsMany Merry StarsKaty McGloin Images © Stampin’ Up! 2014/2015

Many Merry StarsMany Merry StarsMany Merry StarsMany Merry Stars

Many Merry StarsMany Merry Stars

The Many Merry Stars Simply Created Kit is available only while supplies last.  The product code is 138104.  The kit makes 26 stars in six sizes and sells for $25.95.  It coordinates with the Many Merry Stars stamp set, 138105, that contains 16 photopolymer stamps for $15.95.

Many Merry Stars Many Merry Stars SS

I am looking forward to completing my stars.  Some of these will be used as home decor items. Others will make lovely gift boxes for the special people in my life!  How about you?  Have you ordered your kit yet?  Don’t wait too long if you have not… I doubt that these will last very long! Let me know if you have any questions… would be happy to help!  In the meanwhile…

Have fun stamping,






10 thoughts on “Many Merry Stars Provide Alternative Boxes

  1. Debbie

    Katy, since I was there when these were made, I can certainly say that these are the cutest little stars I have ever seen! Your creativity is off the charts! I absolutely could not pick a favorite but I do really love the JOY one in red. I hope you will show us the rest of what you make with this kit!!

  2. Shannon Hokanson

    I have been trying to figure out a way to make the boxes into gift boxes because why make tons of boxes that you can’t put anything into. I had been playing around with making a folded opening but I wasn’t very happy with it. These boxes are inspired. Thanks for solving the problem in such a lovely way.

    Also, when I was at headquarters last week I saw the real trees that you patterned yours after. They were lovely, but I like yours better with the addition of the garland. My tree is almost covered with the paper trees. I used tombow and sticky strip. I held the tops in place with a rubber band for a free minutes while they dried. I’ll post pictures when I finish. Did you notice that I updated my photo?

  3. Jean Fitch

    Fabulous adaptation for the kit Katy. Many thanks for sharing all the details. A picture really is worth a thousand words (of course some words still help. LOL). Much better than the suggestion in the SU video. Though I suppose one could do both in some fashion. Thanks for sharing your many talents and hope the visit with your sisters was fun. 😀

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