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Ms. Big Shot and her Accessories

Big ShotWhether or not you are a seasoned or a novice user of the Big Shot, Stampin’ Up! has provided a video to help explain the various platforms and products that makes this tool invaluable to the papercrafter.  I highly recommend that you watch Holly as she explains the purpose of each platform and how to correctly assemble the “sandwich” for each type of product.

In another video featuring the Flourish Thinlits, Holly also explains why you should not use the precision base plate with the three smallest thinlits.  Too much pressure (applied with the precision base plate) will warp these small thinlits.

There are several videos provided by Stampin’ Up! to help introduce the new 2016 videos.  Please consider watching these.  The catalog will display a video symbol to let you know if there is additional information for you on the Stampin’ Up! YouTube channel.

For Holly’s videos, you may access them at the following links…


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