My Paper Pumpkin, Aug 2014

I am over the moon with this month’s Paper Pumpkin!  Even if you just follow the instructions for the cards, they are wonderful!  But the opportunities for stepping up these cards are countless…  I spent much more time finishing the kit in alternate motifs than originally expected.  My envelopes were not finished… waiting to see which I use first so that I can personalize…

Paper Pumpkin Aug 2014

Please note that any of the areas that look black are actually Blackberry Bliss… just could not get the camera to cooperate.

Some of my samples are completely assembled from the kit, and, others, contain inspirations from my stash of supplies.  I think that is the most unique experience of My Paper Pumpkin!  The kit by itself is great… the opportunity to personalize the kit to your specific desire is limitless!

Paper Pumpkin Aug 2014 Paper Pumpkin Aug 2014

Paper Pumpkin Aug 2014 Paper Pumpkin Aug 2014

Paper Pumpkin Aug 2014 Paper Pumpkin Aug 2014

Just a few “stepping up” opportunities… I am sure that you will come up with so much more…

Any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.  In the meanwhile,

Have fun stamping,



5 thoughts on “My Paper Pumpkin, Aug 2014

  1. Donna Kopenski

    Katy…I love all of them! I can’t wait to sit down and make these up. Thanks for the inspiration…now all I need is TIME! I love how you made each one so special…so you. You are just one talented gal…or should I say PAL! 🙂

  2. Di

    Beautiful an looks like loads of fun, Katy! Loads of ideas, thanks, dear! I still have your card adorning cabinet from 2013 in my new apt in PA. 🙂

  3. Julie L

    Pin, pin, pin.. you are such a creative machine!!!! I love them all.. I just need time to use some of the lovely inspiration!!! Julie L

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