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Awesomely Artistic, Pop up CardIf you followed our July Pals Blog Hop this past Wednesday, you would have seen this card.  I had not prepared instructions for this unique fold by the time the blog post went live.  So I asked for comments which would provide your email address.  I am almost caught up replying to those comments.

I am providing a link to my PDF for the Pop up card instructions below.  This PDF also contains a couple of links to other pop up cards I found on Pinterest that have different dimensions.  I hope you find the information helpful.

Pop Up Card PDF

Please let me know if you run across an actual tutorial for this kind of card with its “real” name.  For lack of a specific tutorial name, I just call it “Pop up Card”.  Also, I would love to see your unique creations.  As soon as I can be certain that my sister has received her birthday box, I will also share her birthday pop up card.  After all, her birthday was the reason I went looking for a special fold card!

*** Quick Addendum to this Post*** dated 7/19/2015…   Deb Valder has an amazing tutorial (April 2015) for this card fold that yields a 6 x 6″ card instead of my 5 x 6″ card.  The youtube is worth a 1000 words… sure wish I had known about this before deciphering the metric measurements!!!  http://stampladee.com/how-to-create-a-pop-up-book-card-with-deb-valder.  Enjoy!

Have fun stamping,


5 thoughts on “PDF for Pop up Card

  1. Pam Wheeler

    Hi Katy,
    I absolutely love this card and the unusual fold. However, I don’t know how to make this card. Could you please share the instructions with me so I can teach it to my class?
    Thank you and again–Love,love,love this card!!!


  2. Aileen

    I found some additional samples of this type of pop-up card on Pinterest. It is called a pop-up book card and I think it was designed by Deb Valder. She has a video and most other samples give her credit for the design.

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