A Wreath made of Burlap and Blooms (Revised)

Burlap & Blooms Simply Created Wreath Kit

The Occasions Catalog contains a kit that is called Burlap and Blooms Simply Created Wreath Kit.  The kit comes with all of the materials (minus adhesive) required to make this lovely wreath.  During the first weekend in March, my youngest sister Denise and I decided to tackle the kit.  She is not quite as addicted to papercrafting as Debbie (another sister who blogs much more consistently than I do on Secret Stamper) and me, but she thoroughly enjoyed making this kit. We spaced it over the entire weekend but not because it required that amount of time.  We simply had other sister activities we wished to do.  By Sunday afternoon, we both had a finished wreath.

Additional views of my wreath…

Burlap & Blooms Simply Created Wreath Kit

DSC_2087 Burlap & Blooms Simply Created Wreath Kit

And a picture of Denise’s wreath…

Burlap & Blooms Simply Created Wreath Kit

Please forgive the quality of my picture, but she took it home with her before I realized the fuzziness of my photo!  I also have to share a comical picture of Denise teasing one of her furbabies.  Meet Tessie who thought the wreath was a Frisbee for her pleasure…

Burlap & Blooms Simply Created Wreath Kit

During the assembly of this project, Denise and I came up with some tips that might help you before your first experience with the wreath.

  • Be sure to have your glue gun warmed and ready.  Also, be sure to have a container of iced water just in case you accidentally touch the VERY hot glue! Immerse burned fingers into the cold water…it will help avoid the blisters that will form plus give some relief from the pain.  I have relearned this several times in my lifetime!
  • When making the fringe flowers (and after you have adhered the “white sides” together), do not press the folded fringed area together unless you desire a very tight flower.  Leaving that edge “bowed” provides more volume to the flower. Also, use a bone folder to curl the bottom (adhesive side up) before you start rolling the fringed flower into a “tube”.  It helps with the rolling and adhering, I promise. Also, two fringed cutouts will make larger flowers.  Since you receive twelve fringed pieces of paper, you can make various number combinations of large and small flowers… (such as two large and eight small, four large and four small or six large).  And try mixing up the colors on the double fringed flowers. There are some pretty color combinations.
  • When making the cupped flowers, be aware that the tighter you cup the individual circles, the more dimension you will give the finished flower.  My personal experience in obtaining a lovely flower is to use a base of three circles that are more tightly adhered, then adhere three more circles (less tightly adhered) underneath and offset with the first three circles, and then add the remaining slightly cupped circles underneath and offset around this base.  You might want to consider using a sponge and coordinating ink on the white side of the tightly cupped area just to give it more color when viewed from various angles.  Tombow multi-adhesive worked best for cupping the individual flowers but you will want to use hot glue to adhere them into one large flower.
  • When winding the burlap around the frame, be sure to barely overlap the top edge of the burlap as you are going around.  You will probably see about a half of the burlap covered on the bottom.  If you overlap it more closely than that, you will run out of burlap!  I only used hot glue at the beginning of the wrap and at the end.

I wanted to make this kit with the given supplies to show you how pretty it is and how easy it it is to assemble.  As much as I love the simplicity of this wreath, I also want to show you how you can step up the kit to make it more detailed and unique.  That project will be revealed tomorrow as part of the Pals Blog Hop.  I hope you will come back to visit me for that project.  I do not think it will disappoint.  Here is a sneak peek of tomorrow’s wreath…

Burlap & Blooms Simply Created Wreath Kit

In the meanwhile,

Have fun stamping!


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6 thoughts on “A Wreath made of Burlap and Blooms (Revised)

  1. Debbie

    This wreath is beautiful! I love all of your blooming flowers. I can’t wait for the big reveal tomorrow though. You are the best at stepping up a project!!

  2. Mary Lou Glick

    Katy, both of yours and your sister’s wreaths turned out very well! Thanks for the pointers! I am looking forward to seeing your post tomorrow!

  3. Tricia

    You burlap wreath is just beautiful, Katy! I am living vicariously through you as I am super allergic to burlap. I can hardly wait to see the reveal of your gorgeous sneak peek of tomorrow’s project. 🙂

  4. Terri Orr

    Katy, Katy!!! You did an excellent job on the wreath, just “as is”. I really appreciate the tips for assembly, and I really love the multi-color fringe flowers–lots of dimension there.
    But I’m gonna get antsy waiting to see your “step-up” wreath, as I’ll be offline a couple of days. I can’t wait to catch up on the blog hop, hopefully Thursday. Your sneak peak looks incredible!!

  5. Denise

    What a fun weekend we had. 2 two-legged sisters and 4 four-legged sisters having fun together is always the best. We’ll not mention that there was a man in the mix (Katy’s husband) but he was a very gracious host. Me and both of my “girls” loved it!! The wreath was so much fun! Although I’m a knitter at heart and my fingers crave fiber, paper crafting was so much fun! The wreath is gracing my office and it is getting much attention from my co-workers. I would highly recommend this project to anyone!

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