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Paper Pumpkin


Not familiar with Paper Pumpkin?

It is Stampin’ Up!‘s monthly creativity kit.  It’s a surprise each month—anticipation for the surprise is seriously half the fun! No worries, though, you’ll have everything you need to complete the project: paper, stamps, ink, accessories, and more! (You will need adhesive.)  The kit also contains instructions and a visual guideline for suggested finished items.  But no need to stop there… adding your own twist to the project makes it uniquely yours for sharing. Pinterest contains images of finished Paper Pumpkin projects from the past year that will provide additional inspiration.  The monthly kit costs $19.95 plus tax (calculated when the order is placed).  Shipping and handling is already included in the price of $19.95.

Tried it when the program launched and decided it was not for you?

As Paper Pumpkin develops over time, the projects become more detailed and diverse (they are not always cards!).  But, let’s be honest about the nature of this program.  If you are an advanced paper crafter, these kits are not going to satisfy your expectations. Paper Pumpkin is targeted toward the busy individual who does not wish to devote a lot of time to paper crafting, who does not wish an abundance of leftover supplies, or who cannot store the multiple items involved in creating a paper project from “scratch.”  You will need your own scissors and adhesive (although the kits often contain sticky-backed card stock that peels away for easy application as well as stamping dimensionals and glue dots).

What supplies are not consumed entirely?

  • Acrylic Block:  Your first kit contains an acrylic block in addition to the kit supplies. That acrylic block will be used each month for stamping images.
  • Ink Dots:  Each kit comes with one or two ink dots of various colors.  Stampin’ Up! assures us that no color ink dot will be repeated within the year.  These ink dots are easy to store and provides you with a source of ink colors for any future projects you might decide to try.
  • Photopolymer Stamp Images:  Each kit comes with a new photopolymer stamp image set that is unique to Paper Pumpkin and will not be duplicated.

Interested in trying it out?

If you are local to me, I am inviting you to a monthly get-together at my house for the purpose of completing the Paper Pumpkin project.  Come by for social fun; beverages and snacks will be provided.  I am targeting the fourth Monday of each month.  If you are already in the program for Paper Pumpkin, then bring it to assemble if you have not already.  Otherwise, I will help you sign up for the program and show you all the past projects for Paper Pumpkin (PP) and you can assist me in assembling my own PP project.

Have a friend who might be interested?

Bring your friend along… the more, the merrier!

How do I sign up for Paper Pumpkin?  

The kit costs $19.95 plus tax (calculated when the order is placed). Shipping and handling is already included in the price of $19.95. There are two options for setting up a subscription. They are…

Ongoing Monthly Subscription:  You will access the Paper Pumpkin website, complete the subscription form and enter a credit card number.  {{If you are asked for a demonstrator name, please give them my name (Linda “Katy” McGloin, zip code 30152) so that I may help you with subscription problems or kit assembly}}.  You must sign up by the 10th of the month in order to receive your Paper Pumpkin for that month. If you sign up after the 10th―no worries! You will get your first kit the following month. You’ll know your Paper Pumpkin is on its way when you receive your shipment confirmation e-mail. Your credit card will be charged as soon as your Paper Pumpkin ships.  Your subscription is on auto renew. However, you can skip a month or cancel at any time. Simply log on to your account and click “manage my account” on or before the 10th of the month in order to skip the Paper Pumpkin for that month or cancel completely.

Prepaid Subscriptions:  Paper Pumpkin prepaid subscriptions are available in increments of one month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

  Item #        Paper Pumpkin Prepaid Subscription Price (Shipping Included)
137858            1 month    $20
137859            3 months  $59
137860            6 months  $114– save $1 per month
137861            12 months $215 — save $2 per month

The advantages of Prepaid Subscriptions for Paper Pumpkin:  Prepaid subscriptions can be added to workshop orders using the above product item numbers.  Since the price already includes the shipping and handling, it will not be included in the workshop shipping & handling charge;  however, it is subject to the host’s tax rate.  And since the prepaid kits are part of the workshop subtotal, the host can earn Stampin’ rewards on Paper Pumpkin orders!

Once the order is placed, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to redeem the prepaid subscription. You would go to www.mypaperpumpkin.com and enter the redemption code.  By placing credit card information with the subscription, you can keep receiving the monthly kit with no interruption once the prepaid subscription ends.  Or, place another prepaid subscription at your next product order to obtain a new redemption code.

While not intended to be a gift subscription program, you can buy a prepaid subscription and give it as a gift. You’d just purchase the prepaid subscription and when you receive the redemption code, share it with the recipient of your choice who can redeem the subscription at www.mypaperpumpkin.com.

Paper Pumpkin is a fun way to gather family and friends for a fun crafty 30 minute get together.  Give it a go…


 If you would like to see what past Paper Pumpkin kits have been, click on the following Pinterest board…

Paper Pumpkin by Stampin' Up!

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